Harps of Ireland

The Harps of Ireland - recital by Siobhan Armstrong (historical wire-strung harp) and Clare McCague (pedal harp) at Cappoquin House

In this shared recital from either side of the watershed year 1800 – when one type harp was going out of use and the other fast gaining approval – Siobhán demonstrates earlier music transcribed from the last Irish harpers: evocative laments, marches, love-song airs and sparkling dances while Clare performs nineteenth-century repertoire for the pedal harp which developed through visiting virtuosi such as Bochsa and Oberthür, among others. These harpists extemporised on popular Irish airs and incorporated these airs into their compositions.

Price €20.00 to €30.00


This event is for a maximum of 50 guests

Event Summary & Location

2 June 2019

Cappoquin House, Waterford