Vanishing Ireland

The historian Turtle Bunbury marks European Private Heritage Week with a lecture that illustrates the changing face of Irish society.

Drawing from his books in the ‘Vanishing Ireland’ series the historian and author Turtle Bunbury recreates a poignant and fascinating world of music, emigration, humour and resilience.

In 2001 Turtle and the photographer James Fennell began to ‘travel the length and breadth of Ireland’, photographing elderly members of communities and conducting a series of interviews about their life stories, work experiences and family backgrounds.

The project resulted in four best-selling books, and an associated book about The Irish Pub, which have received great acclaim as ‘an invaluable record of times past’. Turtle has delivered versions of this visual interpretation in Chicago, Paris, London and Monte Carlo, and will recount many of the most interesting, amusing and inspiring stories, all illustrated by the best photographs from the project.


Price per person €50


This event is for a maximum of 40 guests

Additional Information:

The event begins shortly after 11.00 am and continues for about 4 hours. 

Advance booking is essential.

Event Summary & Location

18 May 2019

Glenville Park, Cork

Location Address & Contact

Glenville Park, Glenville, County Cork