Walking Tour of Ballykilcavan

Guided walking tour of the newly renovated 18th century farmyard at Ballykilcavan and the 19th century walled garden.

The important 19th century Irish gardener William Robinson began his career at Ballykilcavan in 1861. Now you can visit the remains of the buildings where he worked before he famously stormed out, following a dispute with his employer, leaving the hot houses unheated. The rare tropical plants all died in the cold while he rode off to Dublin Port, the boat for England and fame.

You will also explore the newly renovated 18th century farmyard and  the old stable yard, and see Ireland's the champion Black Walnut tree in front of Ballykilcavan House.

This walking tour has been specially arranged for Heritage Week 2019.



Additional Information:

Ballykilcavan is two km from Stradbally on the road to Athy.

The walk leaves Ballykilcavan farmyard at 2pm sharp.

Please remember to arrive slightly beforehand

And to bring good walking shoes or boots.

Event Summary & Location

17 August 2019

Ballykilcavan, Laois

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