Landed Estates of Roscommon

An illustrated lecture by Paul Connolly on landed estates in Roscommon that shaped 17th century history in Ireland and Europe.

Paul Connolly, is a professional engineer with a Degree in Archaelogy from UCG and a keen interest in national and local history.

A native of Mount Talbot he wrote extensively about the village and its once-great estate in Mount Talbot, a Journey through the Ages (2014). His more recent work The Landed Estates of County Roscommon (2018) is a highly important record with much hitherto unpublished information on the county.

Paul will examine a number of large estates and the families who lived there, including Castlecoote House, Clonalis House, The King House, Mount Talbot and Mote Park, concentrating on those that shaped 17th century history both in Ireland and on a wider stage.

This lecture has been specially arranged for Heritage Week 2019.


Price per person €5








Additional Information:

Castlecoote House is about 6km west of Roscommon on the R336.

Admission is by ticket only. 

Event Summary & Location

24 August 2019

Castlecoote House, Roscommon