Live Art Ireland and BBeyond to CONVERGENCE, a three-day arts festival across North Tipperary July 14th - July 16th

Live Art Ireland formed two years ago, when artists Deej Fabyc and MJ Newell purchased a crumbling Georgian estate to establish a performance art residency and research centre. And between July 14th and 16th, in collaboration with Irish art organisation BBeyond, are hosting CONVERGENCE a three-day art festival held across North Tipperary

On Thursday 14th July, the Borrisokane reception centre will facilitate performance art workshops by internationally acclaimed artists Alastair Maclennan and Deej Fabyc . On Friday 15th, seven commissioned art performances curated by Deej Fabyc & Sandra Corrigan Breathnach are to be held at Milford House, performed by Analia Beltrani Janes, Beatrice Didier, Helana Walsh, Kane Stonestreet, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Olivia Hassett, and Veronica Pena. Pena is a Spanish artist, whose interdisciplinary practice explores   migration policies and cross-cultural dialogue. Irish artist, academic, and activist Helena Walsh utilises her body in her live art practice to unravel histories of colonisation in relation to issues of gender and labour. And on Saturday 16th, Bbeyond members hold a group performance on the village green in Cloghjordan.  Bbeyond have been at the forefront of performance art in Ireland for twenty years curating thousands of performances in their monthly meetings in car parks and other public places. Enacting the groups’ philosophy of ‘Art in life, Life in Art’. Bbeyond encourage newcomers to performance art that is improvisational with an emphasis on play and material to highlight the art in everyday life.

Most of the restoration work to Milford House has been done by Deej Fabyc and MJ Newell, and despite the dust and rubble, they have accommodated 12 artist residencies and curated two online video art festivals. Deej Fabyc says “We want to repurpose this space to enable artists to reflect on their practice and to make great art work. I have great memories of artist residencies earlier in my career and I want to provide that architecture for other artists who are struggling to find space”. MJ Newell says “It’s the worst business idea of my generation -  how to make performance art pay for a Big House restoration. We are not after trip advisor reviews, but we are fascinated how artists take on or transcend such a coherent symbol of colonialism”. In their recent residency Irish artist Day Magee revolved a video artwork around a portrait of Countess Markovitz. Magee summoned their forefathers who fought in the Irish war of independence, asking if they embody the freedom he fought for.

For Live Art Ireland, the CONVERGENCE performance art festival brings together all their objectives. Collaborating with other art organisations and community stakeholders. To commission established and emerging artists, from both Ireland and abroad. And to bring a socially engaged art practice to community groups - and in particular to the public of rural Ireland.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL: please book for the workshop at

And for the Performances at no admittance without a ticket 

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This event is for a maximum of 107 guests

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BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL: please book for the workshop at

And for the Performances at no admittance without a ticket 

Any queries please get in touch with Deej Fabyc & MJ Newell air or 0896113425 ( do not publish phone number publicly) 

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14 July 2022 - 16 July 2022

Milford House, Tipperary

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County Tipperary

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Live Art Ireland