Apply for Membership

Membership of the Irish Historic Houses Association is open to the owners of private country houses of all sizes, from castles to cottages. We encourage all private owners to apply.

Our members’ houses must be listed as Protected Structures. Their current state of repair is largely irrelevant since helping those whose houses are in difficulties is a major part of our remit. All IHHA members respect Ireland’s built heritage and we will not knowingly admit a member who has deliberately compromised the authenticity of a Protected Structure by inappropriate alterations or additions.

IHHA members’ houses must be in private domestic use, or must still be capable of being used for domestic family occupation, and they may have not been converted or registered for commercial purposes.

Houses in towns and villages are also welcome to apply for membership, always provided they are listed as Protected Structures and are free-standing in their own grounds.

In addition to a certain amount of funding (which we acknowledge with gratitude) the association’s work is only made possible by the support of our members who make a donation each year in line with the recommendations of the AGM. This is deliberately kept at an affordable level.

In order to cut down on wasteful paperwork and postage, IHHA communications and newsletters are sent out by e-mail. In the future we anticipate that the majority of this work will take place from our website. We encourage you all to apply, and to become a member.

Please click here to apply for membership online