Welcome to the Irish Historic Houses Association Members' Area.

Admittance to this section of the website is restricted to IHHA members only - which, in effect, means you and the other members. These pages are not available to the general public.

You can use this area of the site to identify and communicate with other members and to access valuable information.

These include the rules and regulations that govern us all (complete with an analysis of how they are applied in many instances), details of any funding or grants that may become available from time to time and an increasing list of recommended consultants and craftsmen.

Members will be able to find details of a host of other tips, to advise one another, to draw other members' attention to individuals and services that have worked well for them, and even (discretely) to mention those that perhaps would be best avoided.

You can read a dedicated IHHA Newsletter, talk to one other, network, comment and communicate.

It is there for you to use.


There are currently:

57 members you can interact with.
8 experts in our directory.
31 documents in our Information Library.

Please remember that the Members' Section of this website may contain sensitive information which is intended solely for IHHA Members.

For this reason the information contained in the Members' Section of the site, along with any advice or opinions given and expressed in its pages, should not be copied, published, printed or circulated in any form.

Members should also take great care to keep their personal access details private and secure, in order to protect their own privacy and that of other members.

The board of the IHHA will not accept responsibility if the privacy of the Members' Section of the website is compromised, whether this occurs as a result of the actions or failings of individual members or for any other reason.

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