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Services Offered:

- Available as a film location
- Available for functions or corporate events
- Available for weddings
- Courses for adults
- Cultural activities or events
- Holiday cottages for rent
- Museum and/or art gallery
- Open for overnight accommodation with dinner
- Open only to pre-booked groups (minimum 6)
- Open to individuals
- Open to pre-booked groups (minimum 6)
- Park or garden open
- School visits or programmes
- Sporting activities or events

Type of House:

- 17th Century
- 20th Century
- Castle
- Classical
- Georgian
- Gothick
- Mediaeval
- Vernacular
- Victorian
County Kerry County Louth County Wexford County Dublin County Wicklow County Monaghan County Donegal County Waterford County Cork County Limerick County Clare County Carlow County Kilkenny County Laois County Tipperary County Meath County Kildare County Cavan County Leitrim County Sligo County Roscommon County Galway County Longford County Westmeath County Offaly County Mayo County Mayo

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