The Irish Historic Houses Association is committed to holding a continuous series of seminars and conferences to assist our members with the maintenance and preservation of the buildings in their care. While these seminars are open to the wider public they are always deliberately focussed on the needs and concerns of private owners – so we take care to avoid discussing methods and solutions that are more appropriate for buildings in commercial use, or in state or public ownership.

Our strategy is to ensure that IHHA members receive sound, factual information about proven methods and techniques. We want them to hear from owners who have confronted their problems and dealt with them successfully, and to learn from those who have made expensive mistakes. 

We do not invite speakers or consultants who are selling a particular product or promoting a single patented method as we want to help our members to form a balanced view of their options.

Lastly, all our seminars include a number of open sessions, where speakers from the floor can ask questions and tell others of their experiences. We have found this is a winning formula, since it is always entirely relevant.

Seminar topics have included the following: 

Heating and Energy in Protected Structures

Handing on to the Next Generation


Dealing with Rules, Regulations, Local Authorities and Statuory Bodies 

Contact us for PDF reports of any of the above.

The next IHHA Seminar will take place in June 2018. The topics and speakers will be announced nearer the time.