Hamwood is a smaller Palladian house of the 1770s, near the town of Dunboyne on the borders of Meath and Kildare, with a central block joined to little octagonal ‘pepper-pot’ wings by elegantly curved sweeps. Unusually, the left hand wing contains the main entrance, since it is said that the house was so cold when built that the family decided to move the hall door as far from the main rooms as possible. The resulting effect is interesting, since the principal facade lacks a central feature and looks more like a garden front. Internally this has allowed the creatiion of a double drawing room that runs along the entire length of the facade, an unusual feature in a house of this size.

Hamwood’s builder, Charles Hamilton, acted as land agent for the Dukes of Leinster whose principal seat, Carton, is nearby, and the duke made him a present of the impressive flights of granite steps leading to the doors in the end pavilions. Successive generations of the family acted as the Leinsters' agents until the present owner's father, Charles Hamilton, retired in the 1970s. There is good late 18th century decoration and an interesting family collection.

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Hamwood, Dunboyne, Meath

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